IPhone 5S To Have Fingerprint Scanning Home Button, And IOS 7 For IPad May Be Delayed

iOS 7′s release is on the horizon, and that means the next iPhone will be coming out as well. A rumor that has been oft brought up since even before the iPhone 5 is that of a supposed fingerprint scanner behind the home button.

According to the reliable Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, the iPhone 5S is the phone that will finally bring this to a reality. With the new fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 5S may have a slightly different looking home button. However, according to Gurman, it would not be too much different for someone that didn’t know what they were looking for:

The new Home button’s design will not be noticeably convex. Perhaps the shape has changed slightly, but the tweaked button is nothing distinct enough for the iPhone 5S to be identified as anything but an iPhone 5 by the untrained eye. There’s the possibility, however, that the etching and border of the Home button could become more shiny and look slightly different.

Another rumor that Mark brought up in a long post, in which he aggregated information from his various sources, touches on iOS 7 for iPad.

According to his sources, the iPad version of Apple’s next mobile operating system may not see public release until later in the year when Apple releases updated hardware for the iPad. This, apparently, is because Apple actually began work on the iPhone version before the iPad version:

Many developers have noted that the iOS 7 builds for iPad feel unstable and unreliable compared to the iPhone-optimized betas. The reason, as we’ve noted before, is that Apple started on iOS 7 for iPhone prior to building for the iPad. Perhaps as proof for this, Apple did not ship an iOS 7 beta for iPad until two weeks after the initial iPhone iOS 7 beta. A similar situation is potentially in the cards for the public launch of iOS 7. While iOS 7.0 for iPhone is locked for the iPhone 5S launch in mid-September, there’s chatter inside Apple about the potential of holding back the iPad version for an iOS 7.0.1 release between late September and October; perhaps alongside fresh new iPad hardware.

Hopefully if this is true, Apple won’t take too long introducing the new iPads, and hopefully the iPad mini will have a Retina display. Rumors have been going back and forth on this, and as someone that is patiently awaiting the release of the next iPad mini, I sure hope that it has a Retina display. The thin fonts and pixel thin lines used in iOS 7 can’t look good on a non-Retina display.

What do you think? Wonder when iOS 7 will be coming out for iPad? Do you want a fingerprint scanner? Let us know in the comments

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