Leaked Pictures Show Budget IPhone Shell Next To IPhone 5

Budget iPhone leaks are all the rage these days, and we can’t seem to go even a day or two without a supposed leak. Yes, all those links are to previous “budget iPhone leaks.” They just never seem to end, and today is no different.

Above (and below) you can see what appears to be the rear casing of the upcoming and rumored iPhone “lite” or “budget” iPhone, first leaked by Weekly ASCII over in Japan. From the looks of it, the budget iPhone will indeed appear around the same size as the iPhone 5 height and width wise, meaning that you should expect the same 4-inch display to be coming in this device.

However they do appear thicker, but that could be for a multitude of reasons: the plastic, different battery, different insides, different screen tech, etc. All of the things that might make it the “budget” iPhone could be the culprit. Check out some more of the pictures below, and the rest of them here: Weekly ASCII.

What do you think? Interested in the budget iPhone? Are you looking forward to its hopeful release? Let us know in the comments

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