IPhone To Surpass IPods In All-Time Sales

The iPhone is arguably one of Apple’s most popular and well known devices of all time. The smartphone is consistantly ranked among the top available, and is also often the best selling device on the market. However, it is about to pass an incredibly impressive milestone: all-time iPhone sales are about to surpass all-time iPod sales.

The iPod was the device that helped relaunch Apple. The device became popular almost instantly, and the iPod became one of the greatest selling devices of its time. With many different types of iPods including the iPod Classic, Nano, Shuffle, and Touch, sales numbers for the device were impressive.

However, with the rise in demand for smartphones, iPod sales have dropped off sharply as the iPhone is taking its place. It appears as if this new milestone is just one more step towards the iPhone replacing the iPod. The iPhone, after last quarter, had sold 356 million units, and the iPod was at 375 million.

This quarter the total cumulative number of iPhones sold will pass the number of iPods. Was 356m and 375m at the end of the March quarter

— Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) July 16, 2013

Recent estimates believe that Apple sold up to 28 million iPhones this past quarter, meaning the company would’ve had to sell at least 8 million iPods, which is highly unlikely (last quarter it sold around 5 million).

This means that it is likely that the iPhone will surpass iPod sales this quarter. The numbers will be offiially announced by Apple on July 23rd, so be sure and stay tuned to see if the iPhone does break this impressive milestone this quarter.

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