IFixit Posts Video On How To Replace IPhone 5 Battery [Video]

iFixit is known across technology genres for giving great tutorials on how to fix a broken device, especially when it comes to iDevices (hence the name, iFixit). Well, to add on to its home button replacement, display assembly replacement, and other iPhone 5 repair videos, comes what will be the very popular battery replacement video.

This week is iFixit’s “Liberation Week”, and it is currently offering a discount on its “Liberation Kit” and “Pro Tech Toolkit” for iPhones and other devices, which includes screwdrivers, suction cups, plastic opening tools, and more.

The kit used in this video, the Pro Tech Toolkit, can be found here for those interested, and is currently over $30 off: Pro Tech Toolkit. Needed to accomplish this task is a pentalobe screwdriver, Philips #00 screwdriver, a suction cup, and some small tools to detach the screen and battery connections.

All of these are available in the aforementioned Pro Tech Toolkit. You can watch the video above, and pick up the kit at the link above as well.

What do you think? Are you going to try replacing your battery? Has anyone does this yet? Let us know in the comments,

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