Report Shows IOS Is Still Dominating Enterprise

If this news comes as a surprise, I am surprised at your surprise. iOS has, for quite some time now, been taking over the enterprise market. A new report with some numbers on just how much iOS controls the enterprise market has just come out, and the numbers seem strong as ever.

For Q1 of 2013, Apple’s iOS made up around 75% of total device activations in the enterprise market (chart above). Android, of course, came in second with around 25%, while Windows Phone and others took less than 1%.

good-130605-3As you can see in the above chart, of the top 10 devices, iOS accounts for 6 of the 10, with the iPad (3rd generation) and iPad (4th generation) actually being combined into the “Latest Gen iPads” category.

The first generation iPad also make an appearance at 7th place, beating out Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S2. The most popular of the Android devices was the Galaxy S3, however that may change next time with the recent release of the Galaxy S4. Apple’s two latest smartphones, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S were the top 2 devices.

good-130605-2Last but not least, the chart that breaks it down by device. Apple’s “iOS smartphone” is the top device in terms of activation percentage, accounting for a little over 50% in Q1 2013.

In second place, the iPad took around 24% of the activations, while Android smartphones were close behind at around 21%. The rest went to Android tablets. In total, it’s obvious that iOS still has a strong grip on the enterprise market which could be due to its higher security.

What do you think? What do you use? Do these numbers surprise you? Let us know in the comments

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