Original Apple Macintosh And IPod Named In The ’12 Best Designs From The Past 100′

Ever since the dawn of industrialization we’ve seen so many break through products and designs both in computing and mechanical engineering. So many in fact that I’m not entirely sure how CNN managed to get designers to nail down their top 12.

It’s probably no surprise however that a couple of Apple’s designs made it on there. That said, the two that did make it most likely wouldn’t have been chosen by me.

Number 1 in the list was the original Macintosh. For its day, it was an incredible breakthrough product. It was the first popular user of a mouse and the graphical user interface with floating icons/windows was unseen prior to the ‘Big Brother killer’.

Seventh on the list was the iPod. Apple’s market dominating MP3 player may be approaching the twilight of its life, but no other media player has had an impact like the iPod family did. Now everyone’s using their phone as their main media device, the iPod’s relevance is fading, but it will always be on of the most important products from the last 10 years.

Missing from the list? The MacBook Air possibly? Personally, I’m not sure how an AirBus made it on to the list and the Concorde, Spitfire or any other more iconic plane didn’t. Seriously, no other airplane has come close to the awesomeness of the Concorde and yet it’s doesn’t even get a look in.

Check out the list in full, and let us know what you think is missing.

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