Music Unlimited To Be Updated By Sony, Will Feature Offline Music Playback

Users of Sony’s Music Unlimited app should be looking for an update to drop from the company soon. Sony announced that users of its iOS app will now have the ability to download any track for offline listening, which is a good feature that has been missing from the iOS app since its launch.

From Sony:

Similar to the Music Unlimited Android app, iOS users can now download individual albums and tracks, as well as any playlists they have created to their device and enjoy music even when a cellular or Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, or when they want to conserve battery life or curb data usage.

The company also added some details for new users:

If you’re not a subscriber to the Music Unlimited service, this is a great time to jump aboard! For a limited time, a 12 month Premium subscription to the Music Unlimited service is just $41.99 for PS Plus members – a discount of over 65 percent from the regular monthly price. Those who don’t have a PS+ membership can also take advantage of a special rate of $59.99 for the 12 month Premium subscription. More information about the offer can be found at PlayStation Blog.

In addition to the new offline feature, iOS users can also look forward to an upgrade to 320kbps AAC streaming, meaning that the music quality will be much higher than a normal streaming song.

Although I am not a Sony Music Unlimited user, this sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Adding the ability to stream music offline is a great step forward, although I still cannot see much of a benefit of this app when compared to Spotify except the much lower price. Although to me, I would rather pay more for a much larger catalogue of streaming music.

What do you think? Do you use Music Unlimited? If not, will you consider switching for the new special rate? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and be sure to check out the App Store when Sony’s update drops soon!

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