IOS 7 Adds HDR To IPad’s Camera For The First Time

We discovered a good handful of new features in iOS 7′s second beta yesterday, but perhaps one of the most interesting is one we didn’t pick up on straight away. With the number of people using iPads to take pictures growing all the time, it seems Apple has decided to add an extra dimension to iPadography.

Along with iOS 7′s new camera user interface comes a feature that’s never been on the iPad before (without a third party app): HDR photography. High Dynamic Range is an incredibly useful tool (almost vital) for taking photos with any mobile device’s built-in camera.

In essence it evens out areas of bright light and darkness to give the image a less contrasting look. As a use case scenario: taking pictures in a forest on a summer day would throw very bright light through branches in trees, but leave the branches very dark due to the shadow. HDR evens the light and shadow out.

It’s useful in a whole host of situations, and I rarely have it switched off on the iPhone. Sadly, it now means people have more use for the iPad’s camera.

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