1. Facebook Messenger updated

Facebook has updated its dedicated messenger application to include a few much needed features. Most notable among the changes are the addition of the swipe to delete function and stickers, which are emojis but enormous and much more funny looking.

I don’t personally use this app, but it’s definitely nice to see Facebook taking the time up add features customers really want. The social networking giant has had some trouble with its mobile apps in the past, but it seems like its on the right track now.

2. Amazing iPhone 6 concept

iPhone concepts are some of my favorite stories to cover. Often times, a “leak” is more trouble than it’s worth simply because it turns out to be false so frequently. However, with a concept there’s no mistaking it for the real thing. Instead, it’s just a cool bit of content created by a member of the web community for the web community.

This iPhone 6 concept in particular, designed by Arthur Reis, is stellar. The design and feature set are realistic enough so the device still seems real, but offer enough of a refresh that it’s still super exciting and fun to imagine Apple releasing the device. Definitely worth a look!

3. 2013 iPhone family

The size of the iPhone’s screen is one of the most talked-about aspects of the rumored next-gen device, and for good reason. With a device that’s essentially just screen, it makes sense that people would be preoccupied with it. What sets this story apart from the others is that the rumor that Apple will be releasing a whole lineup of iPhones with varying screen sizes and colors comes from Apple’s former advertising chief Ken Segall.

Personally, I’m not buying this story, and I’m surprised someone who presumably has a pretty good idea of Apple’s internal workings thinks this could happen. I’ve been wrong before, and it would be pretty cool if Apple did do this, but I just don’t see it.

Question of the day: If Apple was to release a bunch of different iPhones reminiscent of the varying iPod models it carries, which one would you get? An iPhone Classic? An iPhone Nano? Sound off in the comments section below

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