Yesterday Bloomberg published a story claiming that iPad manufacturer Pegatron had forecasted a 25-30% in its own revenue because of falling demand for the iPad mini. Questions were raised over the notion that an Apple supplier would supply this information to a journalist, and today Pegatron CEO Jason Cheng has dismissed this claim.

In the article, Tim Culpan quoted Jason Cheng saying:

A decline in revenue from the iPad Mini “is more on demand, while price has been stable. Not just tablets, also e-books and games consoles, almost every item is moving in a negative direction.”

Cheng certainly agrees that he said the words quoted, however he insists that he made no reference to a specific product, and that his quote has been falsely linked to the iPad mini, when no such reference was made.

Cheng goes on to say:

“‘No indication, nor hint for specific products or customers‘ has been our principle and guideline for any public events such as investors conference. There are always speculations after these meetings.

Contrary to the report from Bloomberg, Cheng clearly believes that Pegatron’s forecast losses are a result of a universal negative shift in demand, rather than waning demand for the iPad Mini itself.

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