If you’ve been the victim of a faulty liquid damage sensor in your iPhone or iPod recently, you could have some money coming your way courtesy of Apple.

The company has recently reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit in which the members of the lawsuit claimed that the liquid sensors in Apple devices are faulty and could cause some not-well-deserved trouble and a seemingly liquid damaged device.

The complaint and settlement will apply to people who had their warranty claim denied before December 31, 2009 for iPhones, and for people who’s warranty claim was denied for their iPod Touch before June 2010.

After these dates, Apple began to be more lenient about the liquid sensors during warranty claims and repairs. Victims of the faulty sensors are able to receive up to $300 from Apple, and the company has agreed to pay $53 million due to the lawsuit.

I myself have fallen victim to a faulty liquid damage sensor in a previous phone (albeit not an iPhone), and I can agree that it is one of the most frustrating situations.

The phone is seen then as water damaged, and essentially valued at $0. This is especially frustrating if you know that you have never dropped your phone in a toilet or in a pool.

Are any of you planning on cashing in on Apple’s settlement on this issue? Have any of you fallen victim to the faulty liquid damage sensor like I have? Leave a comment below

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