Latest IPhone 6 Concept Features Curved 4.8″ Edge-To-Edge Display, 3D Camera And More [Video]

I think it’s important when viewing concepts to realize that, most of the time, they’re not based on anything that’s going to happen. In fact, sometimes they’re simply the idea of a tech-loving artist who wants all his or her dream features jam-packed in to one device.

The latest iPhone 6 concept from serial mockup-maker, Ran Avni, features an iPhone with some mouth-watering specifications. On the back is a 8MP stereoscopic 3D camera (never going to happen), a 3.2 FaceTime HD camera on the front and an impressive, concave, curved 4.8-inch display on the front.

While I’ve never seen the practical value in curved displays on phones, they certainly do make for an eye-catching feature. Apart from that, the design is clearly inspired by the iPhone 5 with its aluminum and black glass two-tone back.

The only question remaining: what do you think of it?

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