Incipio Printed Lexington: Canvas And Plextonium Combines To Stunning Effect [Review]

When Incipio sent me a few cases to review recently, the one I didn’t really pay much attention to at first was the Incipio Printed Lexington for iPad mini. From the outside it looked just like any other case, albeit with a rather eye-catching design printed on the outer canvas layer. Don’t get me wrong, there’s was nothing inherently wrong with it, I just wasn’t expecting to be blown away in the way I was.

Design-wise, you’re essentially looking at a folio style case. It has a ‘Plextonium’ (think very soft touch, but rigid plastic) rear shell which grips on to your iPad mini superbly, and a canvas front cover with a single folding point just over half way down. The cover attaches to the plastic using a flexible and strong canvas “hinge”.

So that the back matches the front, the Plextonium is covered with a layer of the same patterned fabric that’s on the front. On the inside both front cover and rear shell are lined with a fine-grained microfiber. It feels amazingly soft, and looks svelte.

From appearances alone, like I said, nothing magical. But, when you combine the good looks, great tactile feel in hand and practicality of its features, only then do you realize exactly how great it is. Your iPad mini is held so snugly inside the rigid shell, and cutouts are all placed perfectly showing some great attention to detail in the finish.

Closing the case and keeping it shut means sliding the tab through the loop on the back cover, which holds incredibly well. Flip the cover over and insert the tab into the loop the other way and you have a stand which works well in typing or viewing mode.

Thanks to being able to slide the tab up and down, the variety in angles is great, without sturdiness being affected at all. The bottom third of the cover which folds to form the resting point of the stand provides a great base and doesn’t wobble, and it doesn’t fight back against you like many leather cases might.

If that wasn’t enough, the Plextonium shell is just the right thickness to not feel bulky, but with enough resistance to be able to deal with most day to day bumps and scrapes without any issues.

So, it’s a great stand, a protective case and it’s thin and stylish all at once. I can’t think of any case recently that’s impressed me as much as the Printed Lexington. I’d happily recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a great folio case.

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