AT&T Senior Vice President Kris Rinne made waves at today’s VentureBeat Mobile Summit in Sausalito, California when he announced that the carrier would begin supporting HD Voice (also known as Wideband audio) over its 4G LTE network later this year.

This is great news for AT&T iPhone 5 customers because, although the hardware has the capacity to offer HD audio, the carrier has not yet supported the protocol to make it happen.

AT&T has garnered a reputation for poor voice quality, so hopefully this jump to HD Voice over 4G will serve to alleviate some of the auditory pains customers have had to suffer with. And, with HD audio taking center stage with the other “Big 4″ carriers here in the states, this announcement is coming just in time.

What do you guys think: will this help AT&T get back into the good graces of its customers? Sound off in the comments section down below

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