By now, we’ve all heard about the iWatch. According to a rumor earlier today, the Apple timepiece may even be coming sometime later this year.

Well, with all of these rumors floating around, everyone has been wondering just what this watch will look like, and we may have even more information about where Apple gathered inspiration for its own watch.

According to a report earlier today, Apple’s design genius, Jony Ive, received boxes of watches from Nike about 10 years ago. Although the exact use of the Nike watches shipped to Ive is not confirmed, and Nike’s own creative director believes they were for personal use, that hasn’t stopped rumors that he was doing research for an Apple-branded smart watch.

Scott Wilson, the creative director for Nike, believes that Apple has used techniques used by the watch industry in its manufacturing of products, and said, “They definitely drew upon watch industry techniques and manufacturing in their products since the first iPhone. Interesting that it may come full circle to an actual iWatch at some point.”

Although most agree that Apple will be producing an iWatch, it’s interesting to hear someone else in the industry actually mention the mythical iWatch. Do you think that Apple will release an iWatch soon? Would you be happy if Apple took design cues from Nike’s 2002-2004 watch lineup? Use the comments to let us know!

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