Report: Apple Hackers Were Eastern European, Not Chinese

As you may have heard, Apple, among other large companies were hacked earlier this week. It was later found that an online forum was partly to blame for the incident, and it was then assumed that hackers from China were responsible.

However, today a new report is out via Bloomberg stating that actually it was hackers from Eastern European countries and not from China.

The exploit used in the attack was one found in Java, and Apple said that it believes no data was compromised. Some of the servers used in the attack were the tracked to Russia and Eastern Europe, in the building that is picture above.

According to the report, the tactic used was to “bait” employees of the companies to access the website, where it would then exploit the bug found in the Java browser plugin (don’t worry, the update was already pushed for the bug).

Other companies that were hit by the attack include Google, Facebook, Twitter, The New York Times, and more. This was a very widespread attack, but all companies are saying that data was not compromised or taken. That is always good news, and it’s good that the bug has since been fixed.

What do you think? Worried what the hackers could’ve done? Are the companies saying nothing was taken to protect their images? Let us know in the comments,

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