Pentagon To Allow IOS And Android Devices In 2014

Many government agencies in the United States have been long time BlackBerry advocates. The reason being that,f or quite some time, BlackBerry reigned supreme in terms of security.

Nowadays, however, Apple and Google have done a good job at catching up. Something to prove that is the Pentagon’s decision to begin allowing iOS and Android devices run on its network, and by February 2014 says that it will have about 100,000 of these devices running. This report, coming out of Bloomberg, says that the Pentagon has more than just this step in mind.

Further in the report it says that the Pentagon currently has around 600,000 devices running on its network, but plans to build a more robust system is in the works and it hopes to be able to accommodate 8 million devices.

Currently the network is completely closed to personal devices, but this change will allow employees to bring their own device, which has yet to be seen in this type of government agency.

This will definitely hurt BlackBerry, as many have strayed away from the lost platform. BlackBerry though is hoping to get back into it with its new BB10 operating system.

What do you think? Will BlackBerrys be completely eradicated in government agencies? Should more follow suit? Let us know in the comments

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