A recent announcement from web analytics firm StatCounter shows that, for the first time ever, Nokia has been bested by Apple in terms of worldwide mobile internet usage. The news comes as part of the firms January update for its usage stats for the past 12 months.

The results show that Apple managed to exploit a sharp decrease in Nokia’s usage, and climbed to its own highest point since March last year.

However, although Apple seems to be enjoying the high-life on a month-by-month basis, if we take a look at its stats for January last year, the company has actually suffered a decrease of 2.81%, while Samsung climbed 7.85% in the usage leaderboard.

In-fact, Samsung also passed Nokia in the rankings, meaning that the company famed for its built-like-a-brick mobile phone has taken a serious plunge throughout January 2013.

But even though Samsung had one helluva boost with its 7.85% increase, it still trails behind Apple in terms of how much of the overall internet usage field it possesses, as our favorite Cupertino company holds over 25%, while its Korean rival hangs on with just 22.69%.

Of course, as ever with these sort of statistics, the mobile operating system rankings tell a different story, as Android is king over there, with 37% to iOS’ 25.85%.

However, when we look at some similar data, this time accounting for the iPad’s usage as well as just iPhone and iPod touch, we find that iOS takes up a whopping 60.56%. This is a testament to just how huge the iPad is as a device, and how much of a key player it is to Apple’s success.

Apple Passes Nokia On Global Mobile Internet Usage Rankings For The First Time Ever

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