Thanks to 9to5Mac for pointing us towards an article in the Palo Alto based independent newspaper, Daily Post. According to the report from yesterday (Friday 4th Jan), thiefs broke in to the Mountain View Microsoft campus and got away with 5 iPads.

“Two iPad 2s and two iPad 3s with a combined value of more than $3,000 were taken some time between Dec. 19th and Dec. 26th on the company’s campus.”

There was a 5th tablet: a 4th gen iPad worth $729 involved in the robbery. Considering Bill Gates himself wouldn’t even buy iPads for his kids’ Christmas gifts, it’s a little surprising to hear that the Microsoft offices are loaded with Apple-branded tablets.

Although no humor should be taken from a robbery, I still couldn’t help giggling at the last line in the report which simply states, “No Microsoft products were reported stolen.”

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