When I was first presented with the TAKTIK from LUNATIK, I felt like I was being prepared not for some light journalism, but rather thermo-nuclear war. You may remember the name LUNATIK from a Kickstarter project in 2010.

Lunatik launched the TikTok+, a gadget designed to transform your iPod nano into a watch that functioned as an iPod. The initiative was met with overwhelming success, and it is that same innovation, drive and determination that brings us the TAKTIK.

So what is the TAKTIK? The TAKTIK is probably the most protective, rugged, hardcore iPhone case I have ever laid eyes on. Through a combination of precise engineering, mixed materials and sheer awesome, LUNATIK have created best looking and most durable case on the market. Let me tell you why.

The most striking aspect of the case it its design. It has a fantastic military style look that screams “indestructible” from every angle. This case is sure to turn heads.

Granted, it isn’t to everyone’s liking, and so if you find yourself more inclined to use cases that are more artistic, then this case certainly isn’t for you. That being said, the military look really appeals to me personally. The red headphone jack cover is a really cool feature that rounds off the industrial feel of the case.

The LUNATIK TAKTIK IPhone 4S Offers Astronomical Protection, But With A Compromise… Review

The mute switch is absolutely fantastic, and whilst you’ll have to use the case to appreciate it fully, it really is a great solution to keeping the mute switch functional even though it’s hidden under such substantial protection.

Likewise, the volume and lock buttons are also well catered for. This however, is where the compromise required to used this case begins. The volume and lock buttons are a little hard to press, buried under “High Impact Ballistic Bezels”, that’s to be expected, however they are a little hard to use.

Not inconveniently so, but hard enough that you might find yourself pressing twice just to make sure the job gets done. This is most evident with the home button, whilst still functional, again, it’s a little stiff, especially when trying to double-tap in order to access multitasking.

The case is designed for protection, and on that front, it performs phenomenally well. This particular model features Gorilla Glass Impact Lens to protect your screen, sealed ports, secure screw closure and water/dust resistant membranes.

If you want to damage your phone inside this case, you’d best drive a tank over it, and even then, it will most likely survive. The protection this case offers is unrivalled. Otterbox? Please, don’t make me laugh.

The case’s excellent design extends to its application. The case comes in 3 main parts, the front face and rear face are made out of polymer, whilst the middle piece is a “Silicone Impact Truss” designed to absorb impact.

LUNATIK are currently waiting to get this stuff patented, which means it’s pretty awesome. All the port covers are Aluminum, and the membranes are hydrophobic. To apply the case, you simply place your phone inside the middle layer, and then screw the front and rear face together over the top.

It sounds easy, and it is! The six screws aren’t too fiddly, and the case comes with a specialised Hex Key. Once applied, the case fits perfectly, and LUNATIK’s attention to detail is really evident hear. Application is incredibly easy, that being said, the screws mean this isn’t a case you can just snap off at the drop of a hat, which may be a drawback for some…

The LUNATIK TAKTIK (IPhone 4S) Offers Astronomical Protection, But With A Compromise

The pros of this case are many, which is why it receives such a good score in this review. However, as the title suggests, the protection is not without compromise. As mentioned, buttons are a little hard to use, and because the case is screwed together, it’s a little harder to switch out cases.

Furthermore, the headphone jack is only big enough to accommodate the jack from the original Apple iPhone headphones, or any other device of the same size. If you use a more premium brand of headphone, you may find that a larger jack simply won’t fit into the allotted space.

My final, and perhaps most significant beef with this case is the Gorilla Glass. Whilst it does offer fantastic protection, it seems to have impacted the sensitivity of my iPhone screen.

This was more apparent the first time I applied the case, I found it very difficult to press the space bar whilst typing messages and notes. However, after tightening the screws a little, I found the problem significantly reduced. That being said, the screen still doesn’t operate at full sensitivity.

To combat this, you may want to consider the model without Gorilla glass, which comes in at $99 rather than $125. That brings us nicely to the price of the TAKTIK. For the model reviewed, you’ll pay $125 as mentioned. Without Gorilla Glass, the TAKTIK will set you back $99. Both versions are available in a range of colors, including a rather audacious shade of purple.

So there you have it, unrivalled protection and incredible design. The setbacks do detract from the user experience somewhat, preventing the case getting a higher score, however the problems are not catastrophic, and many of them simply require a little adaptation.

If you want a case that brings complete peace of mind in a cool design, or you’re a mercenary, then the TAKTIK most definitely deserves your attention, and almost certainly your purchase aswell.

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