Sprint GPS Bug Repeatedly Sending ‘Find My IPhone’ Users To Innocent Man’s House In Las Vegas

This has to be the most unfortunate glitch to ever hit the iPhone’s system (bar the Maps sending people to certain death in Australia). According to a report from The Las Vegas Review-Journal, one man has been interrupted at all hours at his home by people being lead there by their Find my iPhone apps.

In the past two years the 59-year-old retiree has been pestered by people showing up at all hours of the day and night at his house, demanding their phones. They’ve yelled, shown him evidence, called the police – sworn that their phone is in his house.

Surely, a serial iPhone thief right? Nope. Not even close. Wayne Dobson – the man in question – hasn’t just entertained iPhone losers. Even police have been directed there.

It’s become so bad that he’s put a sign outside his front door informing visitors that he has no lost cell phones. The worst is, as a 59 year-old man he states he has no interest in “these technology pets they have.”

Virtually all visitors being sent to his home are Sprint customers, which isn’t good news for the black and yellow carrier. Despite contacting the carrier several times, it is yet to fix the network problem. Let’s hope for Mr. Dobson’s sake the issue is resolved soon.

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