Those of you who are even remotely involved with the jailbreak community, have probably heard of an incredibly popular tweak called SBSettings. This tweak essentially adds the most commonly used settings to a Notification Center-esque drop down menu.

Now, a concept has been released, made by André Luis Moreira, that shows a refreshed, sleeker version of this, named Quick Settings, that may make its way into iOS 7.

But the concept is way cooler than simply basic settings, as it shows the ability to access live Multi-Tasking, app-specific dynamic settings and a tonne of cool animations that really add to the awesome-ness of this concept. I especially like the rotating cogs when accessing Quick Settings. Check out Moreira’s concept below:

As you can see, the concept really is packed with cool features, but I just like the idea of having your settings in a simple layout, because, even though I’m a bit of an iOS nerd, I still find that trying to discover the thing that you want to change in Settings is one of the most strenuous parts of the software. That’s why I really hope Jony Ive gets a look at this concept, as iOS needs something like this to stay as my favorite mobile software.

However, one of the features of the concept that I’m not too keen on is the ability to change your Passcode with a few swipes of the screen, as it leaves you vulnerable to countless pranks from whoever may know your code, that is, if anybody does (that’s the reason that my Passcode dies with me).

What do you think? If you could see any feature – whether it be in this concept or not – incorporated into iOS 7, what would it be? Let me know in the comments.

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