You surely have heard of the ups and downs to Apple’s stock most likely in response to rumors of weak iPhone 5 demand. Well, now ChangeWave is offering a different conclusion. According to data collected by the firm, iPhone 5 demand is perfectly fine.

At the time of this survey, 50% of potential smartphone buyers were interested in the iPhone, while only 21% were interested in the Samsung Galaxy S III.

That’s half of what the iPhone was at, and people are claiming the iPhone 5 demand is weak. So if there is anything to worry about for Apple and its investors, it shouldn’t be iPhone 5 demand.

Also included in the report was some information on satisfaction of customers, separated by mobile OS. Believe it or not, Windows Phone, at 53%, beat out Android, at 48%. iOS, one of the most well regarded of the mobile operating systems, was had the best satisfaction at 71%.

Reports earlier today were talking of how the iPhone 5 supply orders were actually cut because of improvements in the supplier performance. Guess we will all find out what is going on soon, as Apple’s investors call is scheduled for later this month.

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