CES 2013 Spike Keyboard Case Brings A BlackBerry-Like Keyboard To Your IPhone

I know a lot of people used to (and maybe still do, Cam) love those BlackBerry QWERTY keyboards. When the iPhone came out back in 2007, however, the plastic keyboards that were molded into place and couldn’t be application dependent became a thing of the past, and candy bar form factor touchscreen devices become the new norm (unless you got a slider, of course).

However, RIM continued to make BlackBerrys with keyboards, and people still love them. So, from the Kickstarter project that was successful, came the Spike keyboard case.

This case brings a BlackBerry inspired keyboard to the iPhone using the capacitive touchscreen. How? When you press a key, underneath it a part of the case touches the screen, which conducts your press onto the touchscreen.

Tim Hornyak from CNET said, though, that the case was not as easy to type on as you would expect, and that it will require “nimble” fingers in order to get used to it.

Those of you that loved BlackBerrys, but moved on to bigger and better things, may still like to give this a try. The iPhone 4/4S version will be released later in February for $49.95, while the iPhone 5 version will be coming along later.

What do you think? Interested in this keyboard attachment? Are you planning to get one? Let us know in the comments,

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