The Mac vs. PC argument is one of the oldest tech arguments in the book. It seems like people are forever out to back their favorite device and condemn everyone who doesn’t share their opinion.

However, for the PC pushers out there, it looks as though makers of Windows computers are facing another slow year, while Apple will shift huge amounts of Mac machines, according to one analyst.

Forrester Research has recently reported that worldwide spending on Windows-based PCs and tablets took a 4% dip last year, and households and businesses are projected to upgrade to Windows 8 very slowly, resulting in a slow year for PC sales.

On the contrary, Apple is likely to be “one vendor that will buck this trend,” with an estimated $7 billion worth of Macs and $11 billion of iPads to be sold by the company in 2013, with that number expected to increase next year.

Of course, Windows is still predicted to be the dominant operating system, because of the vast amount of companies that build machines that rely on it, but in terms of which company will sell the most units, Apple is likely to come out on top.

Forrester Research made this chart to show its projections for 2013-4, and its data from the past 3 years:

The analytics firm describes the data:

“Unless the vendor’s name is Apple or perhaps Lenovo, the computer equipment market will still struggle in 2013, with no better growth in sight until 2014,”

“The 4 percent growth in PCs in 2013 looks more promising, but that is mostly due to growth in tablets, which we count in the broader PC category. It will not be until 2014 when the economic expansion strengthens that CIOs will feel confident enough to commit funds to refreshing their aging stack of PCs, servers, storage devices, and peripherals.”

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