Product Warranties Cost Apple $264k Fine In Italy

Over in Italy, Apple has just been hit with another fine from Italian authorities. Last year, Apple had to pay $1.2 million because of “failure to comply” with laws that effected the AppleCare warranties.

According to the report, Apple did change the policies to conform with the laws, however because of the time it took to do so, it was still infringing the law covering “Legal guarantee of conformity and commercial guarantees for consumer goods” for a time period earlier this year.

The problem was with how AppleCare was being sold, when the country’s laws actually gave them two years of coverage, while Apple was charging for AppleCare. Since the first incident, Apple has made 14 changes to its website that affect the stores and terms of AppleCare, now adhering to the laws.

What do you think? Do you live in Italy and were confused by this? Think Apple deserved the fine? Let us know in the comments

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