Google’s latest iOS launches have shown a dramatic shift in the Google developer mindset with some of the best looking mobile apps Mountain View has ever released. It seems clear that Google recognizes they make a ton of money from iOS owners and is now promoting their dedicated iOS developer team.

The release of Google Maps and Gmail 2.0 has shown a vastly different Google than what we’ve become accustomed to on iOS, with increased functionality and completely new styling.

Google’s efforts have been wildly successful with the release of Google Maps and YouTube each finding themselves at the number 1 free app spot within hours of release. With all this in mind, Google is launching a new advertisement campaign across the interwebs focusing on promoting its iOS presence.

As the video above highlights, Google is detailing that its iOS offerings include Search, YouTube, Chrome and Gmail. Google Maps is notably absent, but we’re guessing thats due to the video being completed before Maps was finalized and released.

Google wants developers for iOS to “Do cool things that matter,” and we can’t help but wonder if thats a cheap dig at Apple’s own iOS stock apps? The advertisement itself will take you a page dedicated to Google iOS development where you can among other things, apply to be an iOS software engineer.

The page also includes an interview with Ken Bongort of the Google Search App team who talks about the challenges and highlights of building on the iOS platform.

Wait, you develop for iOS at Google?

Ken: I get this question a lot; people think Android is the only mobile platform that we support. But we actually have a ton of in-house iOS teams, building apps for everything from Search to YouTube to Chrome to Maps. My team, for example, focuses primarily on the Google Search app for iOS.

What is it like to develop for iOS at Google?

Ken: It’s fun. People have misconception that we just copy and paste existing Google products to the iOS platform. But we have a lot of freedom and try to innovate beyond anything that Google’s done so far. We are always working on ideas to push the envelope on mobile search, and we collaborate closely with Google Web Search engineers to implement new features.

Sometimes our innovations inspire other teams at Google. Last fall, we redesigned our app for the iPad, and now we’re working closely with the Chrome for iOS team to improve the search experience in their app.

There is little question that Google’s renewed presence on the iOS platform has been met with success, as the previously mentioned combination of Maps and YouTube were all chart toppers within hours of release.

The release of Gmail 2.0 was also greeted with plenty of buzz as long requested features such as multiple account support were finally included. The release of Google Maps for iOS was also said to be responsible for a sudden increase in iOS 6 adoption, an update many had resisted to avoid being stuck with Apple Maps.

With the release of this advertisement, Google is clearly on a mission to dominate your iOS device and if the success of their three most recent releases is any indication, Apple certainly has their work cut out to win us back.

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