IOS 6.0.1 Accounts For 7.5% Of IOS Traffic 24 Hours After Release

Apple just released its bug-fixing iOS 6.0.1 on Thursday, and it looks like it already accounts for 7.5% of all iOS web traffic, according to Chitika.

Comparatively, upon iOS 6′s much-anticipated release, it took 15% of iOS web traffic as of 24 hours post-release, but this is only a minor update. 7.5% is pretty impressive for an update that a lot of people didn’t even realize existed (myself included, until much later in the day).

For a slightly more apt comparison, iOS 5.1.1 reportedly took 2 weeks to reach a 12% adoption rate, but that was the last update to iOS 5, not the first update to an OS that is causing some to lose their WiFi connection randomly (among various other bugs.) I have a coworker whose iPhone 4S has been completely unable to access WiFi since he upgraded to iOS 6, so he was watching like a hawk for an update to fix this issue.

6.0.1 should fix WiFi issues, improve stability and performance (as always), and fix a little-known Passbook bug. If you haven’t already upgraded, you can do so for free over the air on your device or through iTunes.

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