Hate Internet Ads On Your IDevice Don’t Worry, AdTrap Has Your Back

Ads are slowly but surely taking over the internet. Some solutions, such as AdBlock, have tried to prevent the ad revolution, but it’s a losing battle. Happily, a recent KickStarter project could see that our internet experience changes for the better, by ridding the web of ads for good, on all your devices.

AdTrap is the device that could be the savior of the internet. Small, light, and compatible with any device with Wi-Fi connectivity, AdTrap promises to rid the interwebs of all adverts by plugging into your modem.

So, if you’re an avid internet user, and use programs like AdBlock on your computer, but want a similar service for your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or whatever the hell else you own, then I highly suggest you check out AdTrap’s KickStarter page, and pledge $99 to ensure you get your device.

One thing that I should say however, is that sites like Today’s iPhone rely on ads to bring you content for free, because internet content-creators don’t work for free (except me, I do it because I like words), so if/when you buy AdTrap, be sure to ‘unblock’ ads from your favorite sites, because that way, you’ll be able to view all your internet content for the rest of the foreseeable future.

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