Galaxy S III More Popular Than IPhone 4S In Q3 2012

Over the years, there’s often been talk of an “iPhone killer” entering the market. In terms of performance and specs, there have been many that seem to trump the iconic iOS device on paper, but none have come close to selling in the same huge numbers. That said, if anyone is/was going to do it, it’d be Samsung, with it’s well-received Galaxy S range.

The latest and greatest of the Galaxy lineup, the SIII has just been announced as selling 30 million units since launch. Figures from quarter 3 – ending in September this year – suggest that Samsung is closer than it’s ever been to achieving that impressive feat.

In its last 3-month period as Apple’s flagship model, 16.2 iPhone 4S units were shipped. In that same quarter, Samsung shipped 18 million Galaxy SIII devices.

Although it’s expected that the iPhone 5 will easily outperform any of Samsung’s devices in the market place in its first full quarter, it’s encouraging from a tech fan’s stand point to see that Apple finally has some competition for people’s minds and wallets.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Galaxy range will keep being popular? Will the result of lawsuits affect the way people perceive the Korean brand?

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