Camera+ Updated With Awesome New Features, Makes The App More Powerful Than Ever

When it comes to iPhoneography, there’s no other app out there that can challenge Camera+. The app, made by TapTapTap, has always been amazingly powerful, making it an absolute must-have for the casual photographer.

Today, it just got better. With new features, such as flash for the iPhone’s front facing camera, live exposure and some new levelling features.

By far the most interesting feature is flash for the iPhone’s (or iPad’s) front facing camera. The way this is done is painstakingly simple, but brilliant nonetheless. When the app detects a dark environment (when using the front facing camera), it quickly displays a bright white screen, which – for a split second – lights up the subject.

TapTapTap said in its release notes that this will cause an increased amount of “duckface” photos, and the developer would like to “apologize in advance.”.

The two other main focus points in this update are live exposure and horizon level, but much of the exiting features were given a “good overhaul”, according to the developer.

Live exposure will help you get the best shots possible, displaying shutter speed, ISO, and many other parameters, most of which will be familiar to DSLR users. What horizon level does is also pretty simple, but incredibly helpful. The feature utilizes your device’s gyroscope to show a horizontal line that helps levelling shots. Think of it as a photography spirit level.

To the iPhoneographers who are now drooling at the mouth, you can download Camera+ using this link.

The image below shows the updated Camera+ in action (left), alongside the previous version (left).

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