While all eyes were focussed on the huge $1B court case in the States, another was going on between Apple and Samsung in the UK. Cupertino had initially deemed that the trade dress of the Galaxy Tab series and the iPad were far too similar, and attempted to prove so in a UK courtroom.

Unfortunately for Apple’s legal team, the judge had famously stated that the Tabs were not cool enough to confuse customers. He ordered that Tim Cook’s company apologize publicly and make it clear that Samsung didn’t copy Apple.

Apple’s first attempt at an apology was more of a “we’re still right” statement, which baffled and annoyed the judge in charge of the case. So much so, that not only did he order Apple to re-release a more correct statement, but also has demanded that Cupertino cover Samsung’s legal costs. Just goes to show, Apple doesn’t get everything its own way.

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