Apple’s brand new iPad mini was released today (to most countries), and news has emerged from Pocket-Lint that although the new, fun-sized iPad was always going to be smaller than its 9.7 inch brother, Apple tested many other sizes than just the (nearly) 8 inch model that is available now.

Lets face it, it’s no secret that Apple made the iPad mini to compete with the smaller, cheaper Android tablets that currently dominate the market, but rather than immediately jumping on the 7-inch bandwagon, Apple tested out multiple other screen sizes, before finally deciding on the (not 7-inch) iPad mini, to have the same aspect ratio as the ‘regular’ iPad.

The idea behind this is that it feels like a member of the iPad family, not a larger iPod touch. Another positive to Apple’s decision is that all original iPad apps will work on the smaller device, meaning that more powerful tasks can be performed on the iPad mini, as opposed to the iPod touch. Another benefit of this is that there is no waiting for iPad mini apps to become available, as the App Store has been filling since 2010 with iPad apps.

If you’re considering buying an iPad mini, expect our review very soon.

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