A very rare documentary film has popped up on the interwebs that details the early days of Steve Jobs’ second computer startup, NeXT.

The film shows the steps Jobs first took when building NeXT, which was to be a manufacturer of high-end computers for colleges and enterprise. It touches on many elements of NeXT, including the company’s logo, and its mission statement.

Among many things, the film highlights Jobs’ brainstorming sessions, where he demonstrated his insight into the world of computing. He had developed the original idea of making expensive technology accessible to consumers.

The film covers everything from the conception of the company, to the launch of its first products. It showcases the challenges that Steve faced, and the amazing minds who accompanied him – many of whom were developers of the Macintosh,who left Apple to follow him.

There’s definitely something to be said for Steve Jobs’ leadership style. He clearly influenced people in a positive way, and fostered an incredible environment of productivity. None of us would be the same today without his contributions.

Give it a watch. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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