We’re all aware by now that Apple is holding a special press event on October 23rd (next Tuesday). We’re expecting the fruit company to unveil the smaller iPad alongside some new additions to the Mac lineup. The latest information is that we can expect iPad mini pre-orders to be opened up a few days after the event, on Friday 26th. The device will then most likely become available in stores a week later, on November 2nd.

This intelligence comes from one of Geeky Gadgets’ sources. Notably, the same source who correctly predicted the iPhone 5′s launch and pre-order time frame, before invites were even sent out to the press.

It certainly fits in with the pattern normally held by Apple. iPhones and iPads typically launch in the UK, US and a handful of other nations around 9-10 days after announcement. Pre-orders are normally within 48 hours of the media events. So, it all lines up pretty nicely (give or take a day or two). Let’s all hope that the iPad mini actually exists.

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