iOS 6 users rejoice! At least, those with A4-powered devices can. If you’re wielding an iPad (1st gen) an iPhone 4S or 4th gen iPod touch, the process for jailbreaking your device and opening up Cydia to you has become much simpler.

Redsn0w has been updated with support for the aforementioned devices running Apple’s latest version of iOS. Although the previous one worked, it was incredibly lumpy, and didn’t automatically install the Cydia app store.

Version 0.9.15b1 takes care of those issues, but sadly leaves a few more unresolved. There’s still no untethered solution, and we’re yet to hear of any major breakthrough on the dual-core A5 (or later) chips.

For instructions on how to make use of this tool, head on over to Redmond Pie, and as always: jailbreaking can void your warranty and/or brick your device. Take care. So, on your own head be it, if you decide to go ahead with it.

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