Whether any Apple fanboy would admit it or not, there are some great innovations that go on outside the iBubble. One company I’ve always been impressed with, Phillips, has just launched a range of iOS-controlled lights.

“Hue” is a set of lights which can be dimmed or have their color changed, all from within Phillips’ app. You can use the app to get the lights to wake you up naturally, concentrate when working or match colors of an image on your device.

Apple stores will be selling “Hue” from tomorrow, October 30th, with starter packs costing around $200/£180. The starter pack contains the Wi-Fi base station and three bulbs. Bulbs cost $59/£49 each. Check out the promo video to learn more:

The nerd inside me is infinitely impressed by the possibility of being able to control my home lighting environment from my iPad or iPhone. Just imagine, dimming a light, or changing its color without having to get up! I love it.

Although its a tad on the expensive side, I’m a little excited. And, the best part: you don’t even have to be in the Wi-Fi network to control the lights. They’re web-enabled, meaning you can control them from anywhere you have an internet connection.

So, if you’ve left on your vacation, and want to make sure you haven’t forgotten to switch your lights off, you can check it from anywhere in the world. That is seriously cool.

Granted, it’s not a products that’s necessary. But still, it’s mighty impressive. Check out the range at Phillips.com.

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