Nokia Pokes At Apple’s Lack Of Color In New Ad

In one of the most pointless and annoying attacks on a piece of technology I’ve ever seen, Nokia has launched a new ad campaign featuring a commercial that touts the available colors of its new Lumia 920, and nothing else (no, seriously, nothing else).

If you’re as annoyed by this as I am and don’t even want to watch it, the ad is as follows: a customer walks into the Apple store (presumably on launch day) to upgrade to the new iPhone, and asks the Apple employee if it’s available in any other colors.

The Apple employee freaks the geek out, and the surrounding Apple sheep gawk at him outside of the store. He then sees a bunch of colorful people using Nokia Lumia devices.

This is nothing more than another instance of a manufacturer who is clearly envious of Apple’s success trying to use it against them – *ahem* Samsung. The worst part about this ad is that it doesn’t expand upon the additional features the 920 can provide (or ones the iPhone doesn’t), only highlighting the fact that it’s available in multiple colors.

To me, that makes this ad even more annoying than Samsung’s ad, if that is at all possible. And at least Motorola (while being intentionally dishonest) tried to illustrate an actual fault of the new iPhone.

I don’t know about you, but I find the white and black colors of the iPhone timeless and professional. The Lumia 920 is attractive, but only as attractive as a Windows Phone device can be, given that nobody I know uses Windows Phone and developers don’t even like programming for it.

I also feel like after a year, the shell of the Lumia 920 could become pretty chipped, which would show a lot more with bright colors. Never mind the fact that I’d likely get tired of the color before it wore off, anyway.

Do you wish the new iPhone looked more like the colorful new iPods? Or are you happy with the classic black and white finishes?

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