Glitch In ICloud Matrix Offering 25GB Of Storage Until 2050

Ever since iOS 6 and the iPhone 5′s launch, there have been a few errors cropping up in Apple’s ecosystem, both hardware and software are seemingly affected. One such error is within iCloud.

When MobileMe users switched over to iCloud, they were offered 25GB worth of storage for a limited time, since they’d paid for iDisk space. For most, it was up yesterday, September 30th. For others, it’s apparently been extended another 38 years!

The former MobileMe users aren’t the only ones affected either. There are a handful of others who received the same offer who never signed up for MobileMe. Clearly there’s a glitch somewhere in Apple’s system. I’m assuming there’ll be a fix soon. Right now, with Maps needing so much improvement it’s fair to say the company has its hands full.

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