Apple Lightning To 30-Pin Adapters Now Shipping

If, like me, you’ve hoarded a few “Made for iPhone/iPod” docking or speaker solutions over the past few years, you’ll have been a little disappointed at Apple’s change to the Lightning connector.

Although, it undoubtedly makes the iPhone 5 a much better looking product, it does make it incompatible with all my speaker docks. Apple knew this was coming and offered up an adapter as a solution. Sadly – from launch – the shipping times were less than promising.

MacRumors heard first from its readers that they’re now getting shipment notifications, and shipping estimates have dropped significantly over at

On iPhone 5 launch day, I didn’t even bother ordering one, I think the time has come to change that. Have you ordered any adapters, or will you be switching out all your gear for Lightning-enable ones when they go on sale?

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