We’re all used to seeing Apple’s extravagant window vinyls by now, but the most recent one is fantastically colorful. Back when the iPad was launched in March, we all clearly saw the Retina display logo on the artwork.

This time around – to the untrained eye – it would appear that it’s just a few multicolored stripes. But, if that purple and white stripe near the center looks familiar, it’s because it’s a stretched out and distorted iTunes icon. All the others – in fact – are default iOS app icons stretched out to great effect.

The observation was originally made by a reader over at MacRumors’ forums. Like CultofMac hints at in its article, it could well be pointing to the “stretched” iPhone 5 screen. Of course, the writer claims it’s a long shot. Personally, I think’s it’s been designed just to look nice.

There’s nothing in the iPhone 5 invitation or in the decal covering the Yerba Buena Center that obviously points to any of the next iPhone’s features. We have a good idea of what to expect already. Although I am still hoping we get surprised on Wednesday.

What about you? Can you see any hidden messages in the invitation or the building artwork? Let me know your thoughts on you can use the comments section below.

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