Wi-Fi Connection Problems In IOS 6? You’re Not The Only One

If you’ve updated to iOS 6 last week, you’ll be one of over 100 million who’s already rocking the new software. Among the new features were the new Maps app, enhanced Siri, integrated Facebook and new Safari browser among others.

Sadly, our favorite platform has had a bumpy ride so far. Mapsgate has caught the attention of literally everyone on earth. But, quietly brewing under the surface was a much more serious and frustrating fault with iOS 6.

According to a ton of users over at Apple’s support pages, many iPhone 4S’ and new iPads are having issues connecting to Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi. With some, the option to switch the wireless connection on or off is simply greyed out, and doesn’t allow you to turn it on. For others, it will often fail to recognize a local network, even one as familiar as a home network.

I can testify to this, as my new iPad – running iOS 6 – frequently fails to find either of my wireless routers (I have 2), one of which is an Apple Airport Extreme. Whereas, my iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S can seemingly find it with no issue.

And, it’s not even a case of being out of range. I can be a few meters away, and still have my iPad refusing to find it. Whatever the issue, I’m sure it’s something Apple can deal with in iOS 6′s first “dot” update, whenever that lands.

Are you experiencing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problems with iOS 6? Let us know in the comments

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