Pegatron Reportedly Producing 50 Percent Of IPad Minis

Featured on the front cover of the Taiwanese newspaper the Economic Daily, Apple has reportedly enlisted a company called Pegatron to produce anywhere from 50 to 60 percent of the much-rumored iPad Mini tablets.

Assuming for a moment that the hype surrounding the iPad Mini isn’t a factor, this story is significant for another reason. If true, this will mark the first time iPad manufacturing has not been left solely to Foxconn, Apple’s fairly controversial overseas manufacturing partner.

This does not necessarily mean that Apple is moving away from Foxconn for its production needs, but it is a possibility.

With the slew of bad press Foxconn has been getting recently for its poor factory conditions, underpaid staff, and employee suicide rate, Apple can’t be too pleased with the manufacturing giant right about now.

There is also the possibility that Pegatron will assist in the making of the iPhone 5, allowing more iPhone production per month and enabling Apple to keep up with the unprecedented demand for its latest handset.

I personally do not mind what company my iDevice comes from as long as it is made properly. Heck, this might even be a good thing for consumers. Maybe next year, iPhone preorders won’t sell out in two hours…

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