New “KLYP” Case Turns Your IPhone 4/4S Into Mini Photography Studio

Love photography? Love your iPhone? You will probably love this new case then. Manfrotto, a photography accessory company, has just come out with a case it is calling KLYP. Attached to the case is a mini tripod and an external multi-LED flash.

The case that all this attaches to is a thick piece of plastic to provide some protection to your “camera.” New iPhone 5 owners, don’t get too excited. This accessory only works with the iPhone 4 and 4S. Will it be updated for the iPhone 5? That’s unclear at the moment.

The most expensive one looks like it comes in at just above $120. My explanations of the case most likely don’t do it much justice though, so here is the sites own description:

The KLYP case works as a standard iPhone 4/4S case, protecting the phone against damage, and with a felt lining to ensure it won’t scratch your phone. Its two-part construction closes securely around the phone, and leaves all phone controls easily accessible. It stays on your iPhone at all times, while the light and tripod can be quickly snapped on when you need them, or removed when you don’t. Both the light and tripod are small and light enough to fit in any camera- or hand-bag.

This is one fancy accessory. I don’t see myself using one, but I can see where some people may be interested. If you are, check out the source link below.

What do you think? Will you be checking this out? Know anyone that will use this? Let us know in the comments.

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