New IPods To Appear At Apple’s September 12th Event?

Although the reveal of the iPhone 5 next week is extremely exciting and will be the main focus of Apple fans across the globe for days to come, let’s not forget about the wonderful iPods that Apple makes as they too are likely to be revealed next week.

9to5 Mac reports that Apple will unveil updates for three iPod devices at its September 12th event, the three updates most likely being for the iPod touch, nano, and shuffle.

Not many details of emerged on the upcoming iPod updates, but it appears that Apple will be revealing at least two lines, possibly 3, all of which appear in different colors. Two of the lines correspond with the current iPod shuffle, and nano, but it is unknown what the third line represents.

All these new lines will come in multiple colors, one of the lines will come in two size capacities, and the other two lines will come in a single storage capacity.

With the current iPod nanos and iPod shuffles both available in multiple colors (and with the nano currently available in two capacities and the shuffle in one), we think it is likely that new iPod nanos and iPod shuffles are launching next week.

However, it is possible that there is a third line as well (that, too, comes in multiple colors). With the iPod touch currently available in two colors and three capacities (black/white, 8GB, 32GB, 64GB) we don’t believe that the iPod touch is third line that comes in multiple colors.

With rumors floating around about a new iPod nano sporting a larger screen and a home button, the report speculates that this updated iPod nano could be the third line Apple is revealing.

Today’s report does not clue us in for the future of Apple’s most popular iPod, the iPod touch, with rumors for the revamped device being nearly not existent. The only real leak being in May showing off a front panel with an opening for a 4 inch display, much like the rumored iPhone 5.

What do you guys think? What iPods do you want to see updated next week? Let me know in the comments!

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