We’ve already heard that in its first 9 days, iOS 6 adoption on iPhone hit an astonishing 60% of users. The figure was closer to 40% on iPad, but nevertheless, it represents another successful OS launch for Apple: sort of. Right in the foreground, stealing thunder from the many improvements was the one huge negative: Maps.

Rumor has it that Apple cut its deal with Google short because the search company didn’t want to engage in an agreement over voice navigation. So, it was vital that Cupertino’s staff designed its own solution.

And – let’s be honest – although it pales in comparison to the Google Maps program, it’s not a bad effort for a first version. That said, it’s not great either. Its lack of accuracy in finding locations is shocking at times as is the quality of satellite imagery.

The latest figures show that out of all those early iOS 6 adopters, only 1 in 25 of them actually use Maps anymore. It’s a shocking statistic, and one which will no doubt get Apple’s attention. Let’s hope it leads to a much improved experience very soon.

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