IPhoto App Update And Shared Photo Streams For IOS 6

With the release of iOS 6 today, many things were updated for our wonderful iPhones and iPads. Among those updates were some new features for iOS’s iPhoto application.

iPhoto update 1.1 for iOS new features:

  • Six new Apple-designed ink effects
  • Collection of new Coaching tips in the help system to help new users
  • Uploading capabilities to iTunes File Sharing for pictures 36.5 megapixels in size supported on the iPhone 5 and third-generation iPad
  • Ability to add custom tags to photos (kind of like Facebook tagging)
  • Multiple pictures can now be saved to the Camera Roll in one operation
  • New sorting options have been added including sorting photos by date
  • Power Scroll strip added for high-speed scrolling through the app
  • A month-year overlay now appears when scrolling in Photos view
  • A new grid of thumbnails have been added that can be expanded to multiple rows when viewing in portrait orientation
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements

Speaking of iOS photography, Shared Photo Streams have also gone live for iOS 6 users as well as Mac owners. This feature will apparently allow you to share unlimited photos, compared to the previous 1000 photos allotted every 30 days. As an added bonus, this server does not seem to cost any additional iCloud storage space!

These are pretty nice upgrades for iOS and I can’t wait to experience them once my iPhone 5 arrives!

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