“IPhone X” Showing Up In T-Mobile UK’s Systems

Thanks to some leaked images, we know that T-mobile UK is almost certainly expecting the 6th generation iPhone. What they don’t seem to be too sure of however, is exactly what Apple is calling it.

“iPhone X” shows up in 4 different storage capacity options on internal and external systems. Chances are though, that with it being a major carrier in the UK, they know exactly what it’s going to be called, they’re just not letting on.

With My T-mobile (the part of the site which allows users to login to their accounts) when searching for their phones, the drop-down menu includes this mysterious device. Internal systems also include the same information, which – rather oddly – also includes an 8GB option.

It’s more than likely that this points to the currently nonexistent 8GB iPhone 4S. It would be very surprising if Apple launched such a low capacity iPhone as part of the new model range.

Are you excited about the next iPhone yet? I’m not sure exactly how much sleep I’m going get between now and then. But then again, all Apple announcements seem to get me excited.

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