For the first time ever market data shows that in the June quarter iPad sales in education have surpassed the sales of PCs to schools in the U.S. This trend currently puts the iPad on the path to replace PCs in schools, according to one analysis.

Charlie Wolf with Needham & Company stated in a message to investors that on Tuesday, PC education shipments fell by a whooping two hundred and sixty-five thousand units, or 13.9 percent, from the June quarter last year.

Apple, following a much more positive trend, has sold nearly one million iPads in the K-12 market in June, which he said is “definitive evidence” that the iPad has been “cannibalizing” PC sales in the U.S. education market.

Although it does appear that Apple’s Mac lineup has held steady in the June quarter with around 520.00 units sold, it seems that the iPad will in fact one day replace computers in education.

Wolf also states that education is only the beginning for the iPad, and that the tablet will one day chip away at PC sales in other, much larger, markets as well, including the U.S. home market.

I believe iPads offer many advantages for education, but I do believe that they cannot truly replace PCs in their current form as they just do not offer the functionality and features that a desktop provides.

What do you guys think? Would you be happy to trade in your desktops for tablets and embrace what is supposed to be the future? Let us know in the comments!

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