How To: Use Guided Access In IOS 6 [VID]

iOS 6 came with a host of new features. One that may have been skimmed over and almost instantly forgotten by many is Guided Access. For parents, it’s a godsend. Any of you with kids under 3 will know how easily they get distracted at times, especially when they’re using a device they know has countless fun apps and games loaded on to it.

Guided Access allows you to lock in on one app, and make it impossible to leave. This can come in handy on more than one front. Firstly, it allows you to ensure that inappropriate content isn’t viewed by your impressionable children.

Secondly, you can ensure that when you sit down with your child specifically to help them learn how to read/write/count, they don’t keep going for the home key.

The video above gives you a quick guide on how to use it, from activating it to rendering specific areas of the screen inactive.

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